MHA Nation Elders Christmas Dinner held

The Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara (MHA) Nation celebrated the holiday season with Christmas parties across the reservation. The annual Elders Christmas Dinner was held on Dec. 17 at the 4 Bears Casino Event Center. MHA Nation Chairman Mark N. Fox’s office planned the event, which included a meal, door prizes and elders’ check distribution. 

The Elders Christmas Dinner was hosted by Chance Rush and featured entertainment by the New Town High School Choir. The dinner was attended by over 500 people, with every table filled. 

During the meal, Chairman Fox and Tribal Business Council (TBC) members spoke on the significance of the holiday season and gave updates on tribal government initiatives. 

Chairman Fox discussed the importance of unity within the MHA Nation, ethical tribal leadership and his efforts to reform tribal government. 

“As elected officials, councilmembers must have and maintain a duty and commitment to a cause greater than themselves and should not use their authority and access to tribal resources to personally benefit themselves or their families,” said Chairman Fox. 

The Fox Administration is dedicated to revising the MHA Nation constitution and improving tribal government. 

“Through constitutional revision, our tribal government can and must improve to ensure a better way of life for all of our people and future generations,” said Chairman Fox. 

Chairman Fox also discussed responsible energy development and the importance of protecting MHA Nation land, water and air for future generations. 

“Responsible energy development is a priority for the MHA Nation, but our homelands must not become a dumping ground for waste disposal,” said Chairman Fox. 

Chairman Fox has worked to enhance and strengthen the MHA Nation economy through government-to-government tax negotiations. The Fox Administration is also dedicated to investing in 4 Bears Casino and recreation opportunities to increase tourism and reduce dependence on the federal government. 

“Diminishing federal dependency is the only way to regain the economic prosperity that our tribal nation once possessed,” said Chairman Fox. 

Following his speech, Chairman Fox visited every table to wish MHA Nation members a Merry Christmas.